A game about turing complete cows.

Welcome to the Logically Executed Automatic Paddock, or LEAP for short, where we keep our cows. Whoops, did I say cow? I meant to say COW. That stands for "Carry On Walking".

I suppose all of our COWs happen to be cows too. What a coincidence!

Our COWs are bound together to solve puzzles. Some of our COWs are advanced enough that we call them COmputational Workers (COW for short). It's a logical LEAP, but you're BOUND to get it.


  • Arrow keys: Move
  • Mouse: Click on things.
  • Spacebar: Pretty much everything else

This game is VERY EARLY IN DEVELOPMENT There may be bugs or incomplete sections to this game, including audio. You may have to click the screen to get some music.


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it is similar to iq marathon but good games